Pro Bono Speaks is an interpretation and translation agency that gives a voice to survivors of torture and injustice from around the world. We believe that every man, woman, and child seeking asylum, relief from child abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking deserves to tell their story in a language that others can understand. This is the first step in enabling survivors to receive the help they need to rebuild their lives. Many will seek asylum, and their ability to speak about their past enables them to receive assistance from law firms and human rights organizations in preparing their bids for permanent legal status in the United States.

Sarah Williams founded Pro Bono Speaks in 2012 upon realizing the need for an interpretation and translation agency that specializes in sensitive casework. Today, Pro Bono Speaks works with more than 15 international law firms, numerous human rights organizations and health clinics, and individuals requiring top linguists to assist them and their clients.

For every $1 of interpretation and translation services, Pro Bono Speaks donates 10 cents to raise funds to reunite asylees with their families.